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Our Practice


​​​​​​We have extensive training and experience in conducting psychological, developmental, and educational evaluations to address a range of concerns including gifted and talented, twice exceptional (i.e., gifted with learning challenges), ADHD, learning disorders, emotional/behavioral issues, and language delays. School consultation and observation are also provided, if appropriate.​

Behavioral Health/Pediatric Psychology

We work with children and families around specific health and medical concerns. Medical conditions may include chronic pain, toileting problems, gastrointestinal and urological problems, sleep problems, headaches, diabetes, or asthma. Issues addressed may include coping and adjustment to medical conditions, adherence to medical regimens, non-pharmacological pain management, disease self-management and independence, and cooperation with procedures.  Specific behavioral interventions are developed to reduce or eliminate behaviors getting in the way of improved health, as well as address the interplay between physical and psychological health. 

Individual therapy​

We tailor each treatment plan to the unique needs of the individual. Thus, we rely on a number of evidence-based approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive psychotherapy, elements from dialectical behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, and the development of additional coping and problem-solving skills.

Parent/family interventions​​
For a variety of emotional and behavioral symptoms (e.g., noncompliance, anxiety, depression), we adhere to an evidenced-based model of treatment that suggests making changes to a child's environment is integral to achieving positive outcomes. Therefore, we feel that a critical part of many treatment plans is to work with parents to develop new ways of managing their child's behavior and providing emotional support.

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