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​Jones Falls Psych Associates is a community-based outpatient mental health clinic. Our Johns Hopkins trained clinicians have expertise in providing mental health care to children, adolescents, and adults. We specialize in providing comprehensive care, including psychoeducational evaluations, behavioral health treatment, individual therapy, and skills training for parents.
​Currently, Jones Falls Psych Associates is comprised of two licensed psychologists and two registered psychology associates. We address a variety of psychological, behavioral, and learning issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. We also help individuals and families dealing with medical or health conditions. Our treatment approach is primarily cognitive and behaviorally oriented, and we utilize evidence-based interventions to treat our patients.

Drawing from the research and our own clinical experiences in using evidence-based treatments, we are able to develop effective treatment plans that account for individual needs and result in positive outcomes.

Although we do not participate with any insurance plans, many patients can be reimbursed by their insurance company if they have out-of-network benefits.  We are happy to provide our patients with the documentation necessary to submit a claim to their insurance company.

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